The foundation of our services is Haircare and Education . At Ellure, it’s suggested first time guest choose from the haircare category in order to maximize your experience and hair journey. Our signature services include a consultation, hair analysis, customized deep conditioner, shaping service, texture smoothing, roller set or blowout styling. The hair-shaping service is aimed to provided a healthy and distinctive haircut that compliments your styling preferences. During your visit we keep you informed of our process and develop a personalize haircare regimen for you to continue at home. Guests are encouraged to inquire about your at home routine and styling techniques in order to maintain your styles longevity and meet your hair goals. 



After the foundation has been set, we recommend salon guest book in the styling-maintenance category. This allows guests to receive a styling service, provides the chance to review changes in your hair routine, and make any necessary revisions to your hair growth journey. Bi-monthly hydration and strengthening treatments are highly recommended as an add-on to your maintenance styling services. 


Embellish your tress with our color services. After solidifying a haircare regime, the foundation and understanding how to maintain your tress, clients can choose to add color embellishments. Clients can add a complementary color consultation to any appointment from the Haircare or Maintenance category. 


Mens Grooming 

Our men’s grooming services offer three tailored Haircut selections and a beard treatment service. Treat yourself to one of our Kingly add-on packages that include: Our Signature Hot Towel massage and deep conditioning scalp treatment, hair-shaping, beard grooming, razor shape up and shoulder massage.